Enhance your IVF success rate through simple steps


When it comes to fertility treatments, the success rate hinges on number of factors. According to a research, an average of 3.6 cycles are required to guarantee the successful pregnancy in majority of couples. Fertility treatments are not shielded by most of the insurance policies consequently, it gets more intricate when you have to invest reasonable set of savings on it. Nonetheless, it becomes fundamental for you to learn ways to boost the success rate from your side as well along with your fertility clinic. Continue reading “Enhance your IVF success rate through simple steps”

Right age to conceive

pre-term-births-02.15.13 A new fertility calculator created by Dutch researchers reveals women wanting three children should start trying at 23.Calculating the success rate of not only starting a family, but completing it, the computer model says there’s a 90 per cent chance women will be able to have three children if they start at age 23.


New treatment for male infertility offers hope

Infertility issues can be heartbreaking for couples trying to conceive. But a new microsurgical technique is being credited with revolutionizing treatment of men once thought to be infertile and is giving renewed hope to some.The procedure – called microdissection testicular sperm extraction, or micro-TESE – enables the surgical harvesting of one or more sperm cells from a patient whose semen contains no measurable sperm count. This condition, known as non-obstructive azoospermia, affects men whose semen carries little or no sperm cells for reasons other than blockage of the sperm ducts.